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7 months ago

Information about prize distribution

The hackathon is done, and the recap is posted here: - instructions for claiming your prize are below!

Thank you all very much for participating, and special thanks to all our sponsors for making this possible! Please visit them all to learn more:

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Financial Rewards

If you won a financial award (check the hackathon page or the linked post) please follow these instructions VERY CAREFULLY:

  • prepare a PDF invoice
  • the invoice must contain an ID, date of invoicing, stablecoin address (Kraken addresses not supported, BSC not supported, USDT on Eth/Tron or USDC and DAI on Eth are accepted) and total amount you won as a line item and total. Line item should say "Hackathon prize: - [SUBMISSION TITLE]", e.g. "Hackathon prize: - Kanaria wardrobe"
  • invoice note should say "Payable in stablecoin [INSERT COIN OF CHOICE] to address [ADDRESS]", replace placeholders with value, e.g. "Payable in USDT (eth) to address bruno.eth" or "Payable in USDC (eth) to address 0xB9b8EF61b7851276B0239757A039d54a23804CBb"
  • submit the invoice to from your winning devpost account's email address
  • invoice MUST be addressed to: RMRK Association, Baarerstrasse 86, 6300 Zug, Switzerland
  • allow up to a week for us to process the payout, or for us to get back to you if something isn't right

Non-Financial Rewards

  • Rewards like special minted items, promo birds, etc. will be distributed manually as winners contact us via
  • Please contact us ASAP from your winning devpost account's email address


We hope to meet you again on Singular, in Kanaria, or our next hackathon - stay tuned by following @rmrkapp on Twitter, or by subbing to NFT Review!