We have several APIs available, graph and direct query (HTTP / REST) for your consumption. Please join us in t.me/rmrkimpl and ask about this if you need them, or join our Discord's hackathon rooms.

RMRK also maintains a Sidecar instance for your use, connected to our Kusama mainnet nodes. You can access it without limits at sidecar.rmrk.app.

Partner Resources

Subsquid is a Substrate query node framework. It gives a smooth way to provide powerful GraphQL queries to app developers over your Substrate blockchain state and history.   The best and easiest way to start is to clone https://github.com/subsquid/hydra-template and follow the instructions. For any questions or issues we’re always ready to help in HydraDevs chat: t.me/HydraDevs   Docs: docs.subsquid.io Kusama playground: https://kusama.indexer.gc.subsquid.io/v4/console   An additional $1k special prize will be awarded by Subsquid.io for the best submission utilizing Subsquid/Hydra for data ingestion, indexing or processing. The winner also receives non-fungible glory and eternal respect in the Subsquid discord https://discord.gg/5cQBWHWJvW