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7 months ago

New sponsor - Manta Network - and public voting start

Hello all!

As the RMRK hackathon draws to a close with some incredible submissions in the gallery already, and more on the way, we're excited to announce that we have a last minute general sponsor joining - Manta Network!

They contributed an idea in the Tools section which focuses on private content - being a privacy-focused blockchain, the idea is very fitting. Visit the hackatahon site to learn more!

I'm also happy to inform you that public voting has started - you can now cast your vote for ANY of the submissions in the gallery. The winners will get a legendary NFT crafted for them, compatible with Kanaria.

Teams are encouraged to reach out to their community and friends to solicit votes, and others who still have their work in progress as encouraged to submit drafts asap so they can start collecting these votes!

Good luck all!